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A blog for CI Uberlandia teachers. This is a space where we can share material from TTCs, tutorials and interesting sites we can use in class.

You won't believe your eyes! An amazing site for learners for vocabulary and grammar practice.
LINGUALNET learning English through movies
VISUAL ESL (drag and drog vocabulary tests)
INTERACTIVE STORY BOOKS an impressive collection of online stories
A SUMMARY OF THE ARTICLE "Teaching Grammar" by Larsen-Freeman.

To watch this presentation, FIRST click on the audio and THEN click to change the slides.

The original article can be found in the book "Teaching English as a foreign language" by Mariane Celce Murcia.


Have you ever seen the film "Minority Report" ? You know that scene when Tom Cruise moves images on a board by using his hands? That imaginary future is here now, with the creation of the interactive Whiteboard. It's so amazing I had a hard time to fall asleep after seeing how it works, and the technology is available in Brazil. So, dear colleagues, get prepared for a new era in teaching, there's no turning back, we better get familiar with this new technology as best as we can. This is a page from Promethean where teachers demonstrate and talk about their experience with the E-BOARD.

CLICK HERE to learn more about it.

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Another suggestion by Larry Ferlazzo: the BBC-Skillwise site. The exercises and games are very interesting!
Describing people: adjectives
Giving and following directions (Fantastic)

This one was Libardo´s suggestion:

This site has a collection of links: (esl blues)

A Past Simple game:

Videos to learn grammar and vocabulary:

Now watch a cartoon from

Click on the link and read how teachers have been using blogs to get their students to pracitse WRITING.
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This one was suggested by Larry Ferlazzo. It´s the BBC- Skillswise. I´ve tried the treasure hunt on Grammar tenses and loved it. Have a try!