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Vocabulary learning tips.

As a student, as long as I remember, it's always been a pleasure for me learning new vocabulary. Therefore I used to have a notebook in which I took notes of every single new word I learned and tried to draw and, sometimes write sentences my teacher metioned in order to fix the new expression.Organising these words into groups came as an idea later on. First I just took notes of them disorganasedly, after some time, and realising these words came from different word groups (e.g.: adjectives, verbs, adverbs, nouns, etc) I tried separating parts of my notebook for each of these and, as time went by I had quite a considerable glossary with the exporessions I'd seen in class.This technique helped me a lot revising before my tests and also on the following semesters as I used to keep these notebook for years on.There are other techinques we can use to help us learn new vocabulary, I hope you've enjoyed this one, I promiss I'll bring you more!

New Co-Editor

Hi everyone!

As a result of the relevance of my personal blog subject I've been invited by Ana Maria to co-edit this blog with her. My contribution will be, as a matter of fact, to provide some useful hints you teachers can give your students on how to learn better and more efficently!

I Hope u all enjoy what's coming!

It's a pleasure caring and sharing with you this experience!