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TEACHING teaching, UNDERSTANDING understanding

This is a wonderful short-film about education. Watch the film and let me know what you think.


I believe this short-film is appropriate to anyone teaching. It shows very clearly what we all face and don´t actually know what to do about it. I agree that the way tests are planned and what they demand of students may influence students’ attitudes to learning. The so-called “back-wash” effect influences both the way we teach and how students end up studying. A big problem I see though, is that many times we don´t really know how to make our tests match what we really want from students. When devising tests we tend to replicate the kind of tests we´ve been doing all our lives. Therefore, this short-film helped me see that we too need deeper understanding in order to devise more appropriate/ effective tests.

Claus Braband

Thanks for the kind words about the film. You might be interested to know that it is being translated to Portuguese. In fact, you can already find the Portuguese subtitles as they will appear on the DVD version on the film's homepage ((( see "translations" )))

And yes, devising adequate 'tests' is not at all an easy task; John Biggs has a few hints on this in the Epilogue. Otherwise check out his book "Teaching for Quality Learning at University".