Cultura Study Group

A blog for CI Uberlandia teachers. This is a space where we can share material from TTCs, tutorials and interesting sites we can use in class.

TTC - Pre-Service training

Dear teachers,

These are the links to the ppt presentations used during the pre-service training. Hope it´s helpful.

Learning with the geese

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back from a deserved rest. So what did you do, did any of you travel? Well, we coordinators are getting everything ready for a smooth start. You will be receiving your list of groups shortly and our first preparation will take place on 8th Feb at Un Centro as usual. Some of us (Camila Sousa, DanĂºbia, Fabiana and I) have been attending an online workshop about blogging, if anyone is interested , you can still enroll at :

One of the member of this group shared a very interesting video with us which I thought appropriate to inspire us for next semester. The topic is group work. Watch the video and let´s learn from the geese!